5 Amazing Land Art Installations

land art

Land art is also known as earth art, is creating sculptures on the scenery using various natural materials. Some of the natural materials used in land art are rocks, pebbles, vegetation, and shells. Sometimes many people in the world relate land art with children, and they believe that it is only the kids who can carry out land art activities. However, this misconception is not right because any person can be involved in land art despite the age or gender.

Like most sustainable arts, such as recycling art, Land art is essential because it helps people express their creativity and imagination and bring them into practical ideas. Also, it helps people have fun, think critically, and learn and appreciate nature. Therefore, if you have an interest in land art do not be shy to create a land art sculpture and put your idea into practice and share whatever is in your mind to the world.

Many people have applied their talents and abilities to improve and modify traditional land art using modern art techniques, which has made land art more attractive and spectacular. Different people in various places have done many outstanding land artworks in the world. The following are five examples of stunning land art:

5 Amazing Land Art Installations

1. The Spiral Jetty

The spiral jetty land art is situated at the shores of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. This amazing land art was founded by a prominent person called Robert Smithson back in 1970. The incredible spiral was designed with several natural materials such as rocks and salt crystals extracted from the lake.

2. The Light Field

The light field land art is situated at an interior land in New Mexico, and it was founded by Walter de Maria back in 1977. There are four hundred brace bars, and they are organized in a rectangular shape, and these bars can magnetize natural lighting when there is a storm.

3. The Sun Tunnels

The Sun Tunnels are situated at the Utah desert, and they were founded by Nancy Holt back in the year 1976. These Sun Tunnels are concrete cylinders, and they are four in number, and they help a person view nature amazingly and incredibly. The tunnels are designed and patterned with several viewing holes. Therefore, you need to get inside these cylindrical tunnels and entirely observe the sun when it is rising or setting during the winter and summer solstice seasons.

4. Storm King Wave field

Storm King Wave field is another exotic land unveiled back in 2009 by Maya Lin. This wave field is has a row of seven rolling and ocean-like waves that are rolled and covered by grass. Maya used simple farm tools to carve and design these waves from the land. This land art was designed with two unique perspectives: a person can have an aerial view or the ground-level view.

5. The Green Cathedral

The Green Cathedral land art is situated in the Netherlands, and it was founded by Marinus Boezem back in the year 1987. Marinus used trees to design, and his objective was to create a feature that resembles one of the prominent Cathedral designs found in France.

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