5 Kinds Of Sustainable Art

sustainable art

Sustainable art is a bit of a buzzword, and there are different types of sustainable art, which depend on the materials used and the aim of the piece of art. Here are some different kinds of sustainable art:

5 Types of Sustainable Art

#1 Ecological Art

The main focus of ecological art is on restoration and activism. Although the slogan isn’t exactly new (it started being bandied around in the 1990s) and there are types of eco-art that existed in the 1960s, there has been a resurgence and a renewed interest in this type of art in recent years. Art that stems from the ecological movement is an art that has to make a strong statement about ethics or social injustices. Eco art not only brings the ills of the world into focus and doesn’t just highlight the issues, it seeks to make social change.

The guiding principle of eco art is the work has to improve the lives of people and help a community take a small step forward. Examples of ecological art would be creating a fresh new public space with an artistic design that the people can use as a gathering place.

#2 Land Art

land art

One of the most beautiful types of sustainable art is called Land art. Land art or Earth art has been around since the 1960s also and while eco art is about the intent of the creation, land art is about using natural materials to weave a work of art into the world we live in. They are usually installed in remote locations and using the power of nature to enhance creativity.

An example of a beautiful work of land art is Robert Smithson’s 1970s work called Spiral Jetty, which was made from rock, mud and salt crystals. Spiral Jetty’s location is simply stunning in Great Salt Lake, Utah.

#3 Renewable Energy Art

Renewable energy sculptures is an art movement where artists create sculptures that utilize the power of wind, solar, tidal and hydroelectric energy. This kind of art is a fusion of art and science and is a sustainable art that allows the artist to use natural resources of the earth. The artwork is a creation that collects energy and reminds us of the power of nature.

One example of this is Elena Paroucheva’s renewable energy sculptures.

#4 Recycled Fashion Art

The idea of transforming a piece of clothing that’s at the end of its lifecycle is not new. Still, the thought of finding a way to recycle that piece of clothing so that it is renewed into its original form is one that is captivating the minds of fashion artists.

There are even clothing brands (like For Days and Marine Layer) that have built their businesses on this kind of cycle, which gives people the opportunity of recycling old clothes.

#5 Upcycled Art

upcycled art umbrellas

Upcycling art is an art that uses items that most consumers think are unusable and would throw away. If you’re looking for ideas, you only have to head to your local dump, and you’ll find a plethora of household items from old sinks and toilet seats to furniture and household implements ranging from the broken automatic pool vacuum that has been replaced to computers and television sets. Artists use materials that would ordinarily be used in landfills to create amazing works of art that are unique and friendly to the environment.

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